Game Prizes
In addition to the exciting game play action and the really high competition between the players, the BasketStories PickMaster BasketLeague will offer big prizes to the players who will finish in the first places of the standings, thus giving an extra, great motivation to all players of the game, but also an exceptional reward to those who will make the best predictions of the games results of the upcoming BasketLeague championship! Specifically,

- The big winner wins a Sony Playstation 4
- The second winner wins an official jersey of their favorite BasketLeague team
- The third, fourth and fifth winner win a Euroleague Spalding basketball TF-150

In detail:
Game Winner
Sony Playstation 4
The big winner of the game will win a Sony Playstation 4 500GB F Chassis! The most modern version of the ultimate game console, Playstation 4, offers a huge, state-of-the-art "arsenal" of possibilities for every gamer and beyond! With AMD "Jaguar" x86-64, 8-Core processor, 1.84 TFLOPS graphics, AMD next-generation Radeon, Dolby Digital sound and 500 GB hard drive capacity, it is expected to offer countless hours of fun and entertainment to the big winner!
The winner is defined as the one who will be first in the overall standings (game predictions + season predictions) at the end of the game.
2nd Place
Official jersey of favorite BasketLeague team
The player in the second place in the overall standings of the game will win an official jersey of their favorite BasketLeague team, depending on their preference! This winner will be able to choose the team of the jersey of their prize and wear it & enjoy it in his own basketball games.
3rd-5th Place
Spalding Euroleague TF-150 basketball
The players who will finish in third, fourth and fifth place in the final standings will win he official Euroleague Spalding outdoor basketball, for endless hours of basketball action in the open basketball courts!
- You can find more about the scoring ways, the game standings, the draws and how you can become one of the big winners of the PickMaster BasketLeague on the game instructions page.

- The detailed terms of use of the game.